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VT Mastering is a HiRes analog mastering and mixing studio. The studio is specialised in mastering and mixing "in the box", with additional high-end analog gear for summing and stereo-processing. This will guarantee a fast workflow as well as a simple and quick recall, which is resulting in efficient turn-around times.

VT Mastering is an officially approved provider for Apple Digital Masters



With a combination of analog and digital gear, we make your master as clear, loud, wide and proud as possible without destroying your mixes. Does your mix need some help? Well, nothing will beat a good mix, but a lesser mix certainly needs a good mastering.

Every format for your needs:
  • CD- .wav (44.1kHz / 16bit)
  • DDP Image
  • .wav (96kHz / 24bit)
  • Mastered for YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music Ultra HD, Apple Digital Masters



The process where your recordings come to life – or not. Sound wise it’s the single most important step of your production. We will take your songs to a new level, providing them with the sound they deserve, already before the mastering process happens.

No limits for your production:
  • 96kHz based mixing setup
  • Hybrid production environment
  • Deliveries in .wav (96kHz / 24bit), ready for mastering
  • fas turn-around times due to a recallable setup

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From Musician to Engineer

After 15 years as a musician in a very large range of genres, I decided to dive into the world of music production.

As a musician, my goal has always been to find the intention of each song and a way to transport it to the listener. I´ll put this experience into every project to achieve the best possible quality and result.
If we wanna create a unique, world-class master, it is always important for me to know your thoughts before we start. What are you going to tell the people out there? What kind of feelings do you want to transport?

It is always fun to be part of the creation process of a new song which pushes an artist or band to the next level of their career. All I can say is that a good sounding record is always the best starting point in these days.