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VT Mastering is your address when it comes to high end audio masters. Our studio and workflow is developed for efficiency without any compromises in quality. The hybrid setup consists of hand selected digital plugins and state-of-the-art, partly modified mastering hardware.

No possibility to come over? That’s fine, all sessions can be handled remotely with modern video tools for feedback or revisions.

We´ve put a lot of effort into our setup to provide your projects with the most satisfying sound possible. Drop us a line and start your journey now! We´re looking forward to work with you on your project.

// Tim Veh
Mastering Engineer

VT Mastering is an officially approved provider for Apple Digital Masters



Unveil the essence of your song. Mastering is one of the most important steps in music production in our opinion.

With a combination of analog and digital gear, we make your master as clear, loud, wide and proud as possible without destroying your mixes. Does your mix need some help? Well, nothing will beat a good mix, but a lesser mix certainly needs a good mastering.

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Never worked with us? Get in touch with us to speak about your project. We offer a free test master to all first time clients.


Not sure if your mix is already finished to create a stunning master? No worries, simply get in touch with us and ask for an analysis of your mix.


Need a DDP Image for CD production? In addition to our standard digital deliveries we´re able to provide a DDP-image for CD replication.


Dedicated masters for digital distribution (Apple Digital Masters, Spotify, Amazon Music Ultra HD, YouTube)


Dedicated master for vinyl. We offer an additional set of master files which can be handed over to the vinyl plant.


Dedicated master for cassette. We offer an additional set of master files which can be handed over to the cassette manufacturer.


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