A few things to know....

The standard terms of payment are:

total amount below 150,00 € (net)  
100% advanced payment

total amount above 150,00 € (net)  
50% advanced payment / 50% after approval


We’re handling all international payments via PayPal. This gives you the possibility to pay with debit- and credit card, as well as a standard PayPal transaction. You will receive an invoice via email from our side.

Standard bank transfers in Euro are also possible, simply tell us how you want to pay.

Companies outside of the EU or non-German EU companies who got a VAT-ID will receive our invoice with the Net price. In all other situations 19% VAT is added to the Net amount.

We prefer single mono or stereo files. Since we´re working with our own configured software it is easier for us to import and convert your files to our standard.

If you need help for exporting your files please check out our download section or get in touch with us

You can upload your files directly on our website by clicking “file upload” in the menu above. We’re using IONOS HiDrive as standard cloud service for file transfer.

If you have bigger files (i. e. for mixing projects) please get in touch with us and we create a specific cloud folder for your project.

Our studio is optimised to work on a 96kHz / 32bit basis.

To guarantee the best possible quality of your project we recommend to forward only 96kHz / 32bit WAV files for mixing and especially mastering. Hi-Res audio deliveries, for example Apple Digital Masters, require as minimum 44.1kHz / 24bit.

Since we have the possibility of working on a higher basis, we always recommend to use this format production wise at all steps.

If you’re not sure, please check out our download page and check out our manual for file exports

Yes, all files will be stored on our Server + 2 additional external HDDs to guarantee a long term availability of all files. We want to be able to have access to all sessions as long as possible.

Yes, if you really want that, then it is possible. We’re asking all clients for reference tracks.
Normally, all reference tracks will be used as a kind of map for our project. In our opinion it is always better to create a unique sound which fits to the band / artist / project, so please think about that.
But in general:
The better the recording, the better will be the result. The digital world is able to do a lot of works after the actual recording. But also, a computer is not able to let a 100 € self recorded album sound like a 10.000 € fully produced studio-project. So, please be aware of that.

All digitally recorded audio files from now and the past have, like a video, a sample rate. A standard CD works with 44.1kHz, that means the audio signal is reproduced with 44.100 samples / values per second of the signal. The most simple explanation for it would be: The higher the sample-rate, the more detailed will be the audio-file.

We’re working on a 96kHz basis.  All processors work with more than double the sample rate of a standard audio CD. This will guarantee an absolutely lossless mix and master file with a much clearer and crisper sound, without any kind of unwanted distortion.